Vertical Tilt Murphy Wall Beds

A Vertical Murphy Wall Bed is the one you probably think of when you close your eyes to try and imagine the system. It is called “vertical” as the bed is raised vertically from the foot of the bed into the wall – it is hinged at the headboard. To fold away the bed, you go to the foot of the bed and raise (or tip) the bed up and away from you and push it into the wall space. Once done, you can close the doors and you’re finished!

The vertical system has several advantages, including the ability to access the bed (for sleeping – when in the down position) from both sides but does require a full-height ceiling in the space.


These dimensions are approximate and will change with type (Murphy / Panel) and other factors. They are included for basic information only.

  • Twin- 45″ wide, 85″ high, 15″ deep.
    Double- 60″ wide, 85″ high, 15″ deep.
    Queen- 66″ wide, 85″ high, 15″ deep.


Obviously, the bed is only one of the elements of a complete design. There is also the cabinetry to consider. There are almost limitless options for cabinets, space-saving shelving and more. We can custom build any space or use a standard system to fit right in. We will look at your requirements and ensure you have the best solution to fit all your needs – sleeping, storage and space use.

Give us a call or email us for more on our great space-making solutions. We can give you great new space in your home, for a lot less time, money and stress than nearly any other option.

Vertical Unit Images