The Murphy Wall Bed

The Murphy Bed was named for its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy  (1876–1959), who invented it over 100 years ago in order to increase the usable space in his small San Francisco apartment. It was a simple but innovative idea – to pack away his bed easily in the day time to use the space left over for other things. It took Bill several tries, but he eventually devised a product that was strong and durable, making it easy for anyone to fold away the bed, regardless of size or strength.

Being able to increase your living area without building more rooms made the Murphy Bed an instant success, and his bed was the standard in many homes right up to World  War II. Later, during the boom years, the size of the average house and living area increased, meaning people did not need the extra space afforded by the Murphy Bed. Today, however, the need for more space, economical use of existing space and the high cost of additions has seen the Murphy bed re-emerge as a great alternative.

Several other cultures store their beds when not in use. The traditional Japanese futon simply rolls-up and is stored in a cupboard when not in use, thereby freeing up the room for other uses. Similarly, the traditional Mexican hammock, still in use today, unhooks from a wall in seconds and allows another use of the room. A room is a valuable asset, so creating ways to use it more efficiently is a great idea embraced all over the world.

The Panel Wall Bed

A Panel Bed is the same concept as a Murphy Bed in that it is a fold-away bed, but with some distinct differences. The Murphy Bed was designed as a stand-alone system to be installed in an existing closet or space, so it requires  doors to hide the underside of the bed once it has been stowed in the wall (like shutting a cupboard). A Panel bed is an all-in-one system where the “doors” are attached to the underside of the bed. There are no doors to open (like cupboard doors on the Murphy system) – you just pull the bed up or down and you’re ready to go.

Which One – Murphy or Panel / Wall?

Each installation is unique. In any specific case, there may be a preference for either type of system. The Murphy Bed, for example, is not limited by the thickness of mattress you want to use, whereas a Panel/Wall Bed is. The Murphy Bed will have open doors to the left and right when the bed is down, whereas the Panel bed will not. There are also considerations regarding the construction of the room which may dictate which system and style is preferred. As the construction is very different, the anticipated amount or type of use could determine the best system for you. Another consideration may be that Murphy beds can, for example, be repaired more easily if damaged than a Panel or Wall-Bed.

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We are experts in the design, construction and installation of Murphy and Panel/Wall bed systems. This means that we can fit a solution to your requirements and ensure that all criteria are properly addressed, i.e. construction, space, usage and cost.

Whether you need a spare bed on just on odd occasions, or have a living area which you just want to use better, the Murphy Bed is a great choice. It frees up your space and even allows for storage of other items as well – an orderly, tidy solution for all your “stuff”.

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