As a Property Owner of multiple residential apartments with numerous bachelor units; it was becoming very difficult for potential tenants to visualize their furniture. Once the Murphy Bed was installed; the unit was rented immediately. The Murphy Bed looks very ‘chic’ and classic. The installation was done quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend Ontario Wall Beds!

We just recently had our Murphy Bed installed and I must say after doing plenty of shopping around we found that no one could match the knowledge and quality from Ontario Wall Beds.  They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible to design a unit that fit our space best. Installation from John was again professional and met/exceeded our expectations. If anyone is looking for a Murphy Bed I would without a doubt recommend Ontario Wall Beds as the ONLY place to go for high quality and overall excellent experience.


I have to start by saying thank you. The bed looks great and has served us well since you installed it. Service throughout the installation process was terrific and follow up was timely, just as promised. I commend you for under promising and over delivering with respect to the unit build and installation timeframe. You were honest from the onset regarding production period and time of delivery, and you certainly did not let us down when we advised you of the pressing need to have it installed on a timely basis prior to the arrival of our guests.

I also need to say that I considered your competition. After visiting your competition and hearing their sales pitch, and subsequently visiting you, I knew we were making the right decision. You focused on your product and your business operations rather than trying to undermine your competition. I learned more about the construction of the bed in minutes with you than the time I spent with others.

Once again, we thank you for your honesty and service. Should you wish to share our experience with others who are considering Ontario Wall Beds as an option, please feel free to post this on your website or reproduce it for your sales calls.

Joe Eterno

I live in Waterloo and after doing research on several local Murphy bed companies I decided to have my bed made by Ontario Wall Beds. I met with Mr. Tennant who was very knowledgeable about the construction, material and design options and pricing of the beds. He was always prompt at replying to my emails with photos and typed quotes and the work was done quickly, professionally and turned out exactly as he had said.

I contacted Ontario Wall Beds via e-mail and received a prompt response. The contact, Mr. Tennant, was helpful and efficient. He gave me a clear estimate of costs and time lines that seemed fair, especially for something that can be fabricated and installed locally. Other comparable prices didn’t save much and involved shipping hassles from Toronto or further away. Give Ontario Wall Beds a try … I did and I’m glad!

P. MacVoy, Ontario

The work which was done at my Condominium by Ontario Wall Beds was completed in a timely and professional manner. In fact, they not only built and installed a Murphy bed for me, but also installed a large desk and handled modifications to my kitchen. Except for one minor adjustment (which was completed at a later date) the work was impeccable. I would highly recommend Ontario Wall Beds when considering up grades to your home and in fact have already done so, much to the satisfaction of my neighbours. If you can dream it up, they can do it!

We ordered our bed from Ontario Wall Beds in February 2012. We were having renovations done at the house and thought we’d install it ourselves. As it got closer to delivery, we realized we just didn’t have the time, so John was able to arrange for us to have it installed. John came on a weekend and discovered that our older house did not have level floors, or even squared walls. Lucky for us he was doing the install. He went out and picked up shims and anything else he needed. The room looks fantastic and the bed makes for great finishing wall. We’d recommend Ontario Wall Beds with pride. Thanks Ontario Wall Beds & John!

We just had our Murphy bed installed this past Friday. We have been very happy with Ontario Wall Beds, both in the ordering process and the installation. They have been professional throughout and stand by their product. We have had people in to see the results & passed out their cards. It looks beautiful & we now have an office as well as a guest room. Thank you Ontario Wall Beds & John.