Office Units

Home office uses are common for Murphy and Panel Wall Beds as the office often doubles as a spare or overflow bedroom. For this reason, there are several cabinetry and fitting options available.

A Vertical or Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed – or Panel Wall Bed – can be used to fold away the bed into the office cabinets, reclaiming the space for a great looking office. When the requirement for a bedroom is there, simply fold out the bed and re-task the room as a beautiful bedroom.  When your guests leave, it’s back to an office in a minute.  It’s a great way to use your space efficiently.

There are several options for beds including twin, double and queen and several ways they can be mounted. Check out also our library system as the two go hand-in-hand to create the perfect solution for nearly any need. We can ensure you get the functionality you require for the office and a comfortable, relaxing bedroom when you need it.

Give us a call or email us for more on our great office space-making solutions. We can give you great new space in your home, for a lot less time, money and stress than nearly any other option.

Office Bed Images