Library Systems

The library bed system is so named for the large shelf storage (ideal for books) which it provides. It operates slightly differently than the other styles of beds.

The library system has sliding doors (instead of hinged cupboard-like doors) which have built-in shelves.  So in addition to having doors that hide the bed in the “up” position, it can also carry up to 400 lbs of your “things”, like books, art and photos. The library system is the perfect solution if there is sufficient width to allow for its proper operation.

To use the bed, you simple slide the central shelves away left and right, revealing the bed which is then pulled down. The doors are hung on two top of the line tracks from  HAWA Switzerland and open easily and smoothly.  The tracks are suspended at the top and the door/shelves – there is no need for a bottom track – making the installation clean and simple.

This kind of bed is available as a “do-it-yourself” kit but, for the best results, we recommend a professional installation by one of our expert installers who will ensure a beautiful operation and strong, secure fittings.


These dimensions are approximate and will change with type of bed (Murphy / Panel) and other factors. They are included for basic information only.

  • A Twin Library Murphy bed is  87″ wide by 88″ high with 20″ side panels.
  • A Full or Double Library Murphy bed is 117″ wide by 88″ high  with 27″ side panels.
  • A Queen Library Murphy bed is 129″ wide by 93″ high  with 30″ side panels.
  • All of our library Murphy beds are 26″ deep.


There are several options for doors, shelving, fittings and other elements of the Library Bed System. We can custom build any space or use a standard system to fit right-in. We will look at your requirements and ensure you have the best solution to fit all your needs – sleeping, storage and efficient use of space.

Give us a call or email us for more on our great space-making solutions. We can give you great new space in your home, for a lot less time, money and stress than nearly any other option.

Library Bed Images