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Ontario Murphy Beds and Wall-beds in London, Ontario. Serving Windsor, Sarnia, Toronto, Niagara and Muskoka. Ontario Wall Beds is proud to be family owned and operated.

Our Murphy Fold-Away Wall Beds allow you to reclaim and use the space that a permanent bed would otherwise occupy, meaning that you can increase your living area easily and cost- effectively. We design and build our own Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, panel beds or fold-away beds, to ensure our clients get the very best quality and durability.

Our advantage is both a high degree of experience and our ability to customize a bed solution to fit almost any environment, whether it be an office, living room, cottage, condo or basement, with a low or high ceiling.

Give us a call or email us for more on our great space-making solutions. We can give you great new space in your home for a lot less time, money and stress than nearly any other option.

Murphy Bed Accessories

Each installation is unique. In any specific case, there may be a preference for either type of system. The Murphy Bed, for example, is not limited by the thickness of mattress you want to use, whereas a Panel/Wall Bed is. The Murphy Bed will have open doors to the left and right when the bed […]

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About our Team

Sometimes you see a product and say “that’s such a good idea I can make a business of it”. This is what happened for the Tennant family. “The idea is so simple and so beneficial. We wanted to bring our ideas of quality and service to an already great product” says John. “It’s pretty hard […]

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